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White Fence Living

White Fence Living

Most homeowners have a list of maintenance and improvement to-do=s that seem to be never-ending. Randy and Beckie Cisler started a business that takes the entire list off your plate and makes sure every project is checked off and done right.

"You give us the list and we take care of it. We can do anything you need—because we know the best people in the business that do it," Randy said. "We put together the teams. We oversee the job. We ensure the service is just as big as a priority as the work, and we serve as your advocate if something is not right."

Randy and Beckie opened Tackle Your List in the fall of 2012.

"I was a homebuilder for a number of years. When people needed a job done around the house, they'd call and ask me who I would recommend. After dozens of referrals to my contacts, I realized there was a larger need that I could help fill. We quickly shifted the conversation to "We'll be happy to arrange and take care of it for you', It's really worked out to be a great business model," Randy added.

Tackle Your List takes care of a broad list of services for your home including lawn care, exterior wood replacement, painting, general handyman work and more. They take all the items on your To-Do list, connect the job with a quality service provider, and manage the job to make sure it gets done right and in a timely manner so you can check it off as done.

"There are a number of ways we bring value to a job. For one, we partner with the right people and we stand behind their work. We're competitively priced and because we have a repeated relationship with out subcontractors, our jobs take priority. That puts out customers at the top of their list," said Beckie. "People don't realize we can help with everything they need. Once they're worked with us, they trust us, and know they can just call us and we'll take care of it."

Tackle Your List is also committed to giving back to the community. Their goal is to establish a home that will help adults with Down Syndrome lead normal lives with some added assistance and TLC. This is a cause dear to the Cisler's who have a granddaughter with Downs.

Tackle Your List offers free quotes and provides services for residents in New Albany, Westerville, Gahanna, and Worthington. For more information visit or call (614) 989-2054.

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